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Grove, Oklahoma Hickory Inn Motel
Come cool off
in our pool
Hickory Inn Motel • 2320 S. Main Street • Grove, OK 74344 • 918-786-9157
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Privacy Policy
The Hickory Inn Motel  does not sell, transfer, give away, nor make accessible in any way to anyone, other individuals or businesses, any information we collect from anyone, customers, vendors, applicants, visitors, or etc. We always keep all collected information private including:
• Names
• Addresses
• E-Mail addresses
• Telephone numbers
• Financial information
• Transactions between us
• Any information you chose to share with us
The only information that we will collect from you is what you give us voluntarily via e-mail, telephone, or when we have direct contact with you. We will use this information only to complete transactions with you in the due process of doing business together.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please send us an e-mail ( and we will be glad to address the matter, taking proper action as and if indicated.
And enjoy our friendly family atmosphere with good customer service.